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TLA Members take on Blenheim Triathlon - Race report by Adrian Pitts

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1844.jpg It promised to be a great day for some swimming, cycling and running: the glorious sunny weather really brought out the colours in our TLA sponsored Cumnor Kites kit!

As Gemma Pitts, John Rogers and I entered transition before our midday wave time, we had to pause to allow some athletes in their T2 head out on the run: looking strong as he sprinted past, David Wigg was able to ‘high five’ us as we wished him luck for his last section of the race.

Wet-suited up, we headed down to the lake and shared a few tactical navigation tips: reading the wind patterns on the water we decided to start on the right and leave the others to do battle on the left. As it happens most people were ahead of me so it didn’t really matter! Before we knew it we were out of the lake and starting the long 500m climb back up to the courtyard for T1.

The downhill start to the 3 lap bike course is always exciting. The course was busy but dry allowing us to really build up some speed. Unfortunately, Bladon Bridge wasn’t ready for John; he chose to lovingly protect his bike whilst simultaneously acquiring a little bit of road rash on his first lap.


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1847.jpg We’d been on the course for about an hour as we left our bikes in T2. The temperatures were picking up and the 5.6km hilly, 2 lap run certainly used the last of my available energy. Gemma finished looking strong and took 4 minutes off her previous time. As for me, I was a few minutes down on my PB, which will inevitably lead to me signing up for yet another ‘last Blenheim Triathlon’!

For a variety of reasons excuses, this season hasn’t seen too much triathlon specific training! It goes to show that the odd cycle or run to a TLA Bootcamp for an hour of press ups by numbers, squats, hill reps and (although I hate to admit it) even a burpee or two, must be doing us some good after all! See you there next year, maybe…


Benefits of Sports Massage by Pollyanna Fitzgerald

Following on from Adrian, Gemma and John's exploits at the Blenheim Triathlon - it is good to talk about the benefits of Sports Massage both pre and post event.  You don't need to have a specific injury to make use of a massage - it is a great tool for keeping your body in good condition to stand up to the rigours of training.



Here is a list of the benefits and results of a good sports massage:

  • You will get a reduction in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS)

  • Massage can help hugely with pain relief

  • It can promote collagen alignment, muscle function and reduces scar tissue from injuries when applied at the correct stage in the healing process. Therefore making massage an important part in rehabilitation

  • It reduces the potential for injury making massage an intergral part of an injury prevention programme

  • Great for muscle relaxation

  • It helps give an increased range of movement and flexibility

  • Increases lymphatic and blood flow

  • Muscle spasm and tension can be relieved

  • And last, but not least and maybe one of the nicest results of sports massage it promotes an immense feeling of well-being

Please contact Pollyanna on to book in for a massage to reap these benefits.  Whether you have run a 5k or Man V Horse, massage can benefit everyone.



Member of the Month

We have a new feature for the TLA newsletter - each month we are going to be shining a spotlight on a TLA member who, for us, stands out.  This is a difficult task as all of our members are fantastic and give everything to each training session.  However, this month, we are giving special praise to someone who has just gone from strength to strength and that is Nadine Hunter.
Nadine joined TLA in 2009 and quickly became a regular at bootcamp sessions and a very loyal and committed TLA member.
Nadine has been a role model over the recent months, she trains so hard and now gives many members a real run for their money! She takes part in numerous events including the incredibly tough Man V Horse event and the TLA Pyrenees trip.
Nadine is extremely dedicated to her training, even running when everywhere was flooded, however a slight deviation from the flooded river path resulted in a dunking in the river! Not to be detered, Nadine finished her run, albeit rather soggy!! (this was in the Winter too!!!).
So please join us in congratulating Nadine as our first member of the month!


Summer Family Bootcamp

We are thinking ahead to the summer holidays which are not all that far away now!! We are going to run our Family Bootcamp again this year for 6 weeks starting on Wednesday 25th July and running until Wednesday 29th August.
The classes will be held at the TLA Studio in Sunningwell and will start at 9.30am.
Price will be £10 pay as you go for adults and £5 for participating children, or you can pay for a block of 6 for £51 (£8.50 per class).  Members on block booking can also use their cards for this session.
As always, children are very welcome to come and join in, or they can watch and play in the woods behind the Studio.
We look forward to seeing you, keeping you fit over the Summer and having some fun while we are at it!.
Please contact Heather on to book on.



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Welcome Back...

Thank you for re-subscribing to TLA Fitness after all the GDPR nonsense. It's good to have you on board! You will continue to receive a monthly newsletter which will include important updates on classes, information on new classes, upcoming events and next month we will be introducing 'Member of the Month' plus the TLA Instructors will be bringing you training tips and techniques.

Pyrenees 2018 Report

"Hiking and camping in the French Pyrenees in May - what a great idea - or so 11 TLA members, under the guidance of Tom, thought - with just a little trepidation.

Any concerns we may have had, however, quickly disappeared as we learnt how to put up a tent in under 7 minutes and set off on our 2 day trekking expedition against the stunning backdrop of the Pyrenees.
As we worked our way up the mountains we basked in the sunshine, got wet in the rain, battled against hailstones and finally encountered snow, forcing us to pitch our tents sooner than expected. With a cold night looming, our very own action man Clive got a fire going after a relentless 3 hours but conditions were really extreme for the time of year.

Approaching midnight we were faced with the prospect of a night of uncertainty in one man tents or we could leave the rehydrated spag bol behind, trek back to the chateau where a log fire, a beverage or two and our mobile entertainment awaited and as discretion is the better part of valour, we headed back.

So -  a little trepidation was wise but none of us could have foreseen the degree of adventure, challenge and laughter we all experienced. A thoroughly inspirational and exhilarating few days with big thanks to Tom at TLA and Kev our host at Action Adventures!"

Thanks Nadine :) 

Breakfast Bootcamp @The Bear - 7th JULY

Please do come and join TLA for the Cumnor Bootcamp 8am on 7th July followed by Breakfast in The Bear & Ragged Staff at 9am, you will need to pre-order (see menu) kindly email: to BOOK and PRE-ORDER, Thank you!
TLA Summer BBQ - Save the Date 2nd September
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Come Stand-Up Paddleboarding with TLA SUP this summer! 

The UK fastest growing water sport is on your doorstep and we cannot wait to take you out on the water.

You have most probably heard about the new GDPR rules and so we are now starting afresh with a new mailing list. 

If you'd like to continue to hear from TLA SUP and TLA Fitness  please click the link below to sign up. As always, you can unsubscribe at any time.
Good Luck, enjoy the weather and we look forwards to seeing you very soon, hopefully on the water!
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Ladies & Gents,
Well, it's a chilly start to March! Some fantastic blustery winds coming in and the 'Beast from the East' is providing plenty of reasons to keep moving during TLA classes! Please do read the following as we have some changes/updates and NEW classes coming to TLA, read on........ + TLA SUP IS COMING BACK!

TLA Studio Timetable changes

March will see the changing around of a few TLA classes on the timetable. Firstly, TLA Kettlebells (Wednesday) will be finishing on 7th March. Monday Kettlebells continues as normal. We will be introducing a new class on Wednesday evenings at 18:15, see details below. Also from Wednesday 7th March, Sunningwell Bootcamp will be permanently outdoors, that's correct - head torches, good preparation and please be punctual at 19:15 otherwise you'll miss out.


starting Wednesday 14th March at 18:15 (45 minutes)

TRX & Spin Fusion Run in a HIIT style format TRX Spin Fusion will be aimed at those who wish to have a cardio/strength/high energy/fun and seriously effective workout in 45 minutes. This class will be aimed at beginners but can easily cater for intermediate standards also. The class is split into two with 50% working on TRX and 50% working on Spin, both with differing programmes and working for short, high intensity intervals. If you have not trained with TRX before then this is the perfect start for you!


Tuesday and Thursday Morning Bootcamps (Block Bookings)

Announcement - you can now use your TLA block booking card at these bootcamps. If you find yourself with a morning off and fancy a great outdoor workout - come along to Wootton and Dry Sandford Community Centre playing fields on a Tuesday morning at 9:30 or The TLA Studio (outside) on Thursdays at 9:30 (term time only). This applies for block booking cards only.

Pre-Event Massage

Getting ready for that all important event.......? Are you looking after your condition.......?

Marathons, Triathlons, 5k & 10k races, walk for life, swimming events are all fantastic events which, let's be honest, you train hard for and dedicate hours of commitment to. So much so that we often forget about actually looking after the other side of things such as, stretching, massage, mobility, recovery time. Well don't forget it! It should make up a huge part of your preparation. At TLA Fitness we offer these great services both at the TLA studio and at home. If you haven't already planned this into your schedule then now is the time.

Please book directly by emailing '' and click here to see the treatments Pollyanna provides both at home or at The TLA Studio.

TLA SUP is Back :)

Summer 2016 saw the formation of TLA SUP which was really well received. We ran multiple Ready2Ride certifications, SUP bootcamps, SUP Yoga and SUP Speed. With a very busy 2017 and lack of manpower, we were unable to do much on the water. The exciting news is that we now have a SUP team (Tom, Jim and Katia) who are all very excited to be bringing you a new SUP Club and itinerary in the coming weeks and months. This will include day trips and hopefully overnight SUP trips. TLA SUP is currently running on Facebook, please follow this link and join us ...... at a later date it will be built in to the TLA site.

Really looking forwards to seeing you all on the water.

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Let's look ahead!

Now that the beloved month of January is gone for another year, let's now look ahead towards the upcoming season of events!'s just around the corner and before you know it you'll be on the start line heading towards that personal best or taking part in that lifetime goal. Whatever it is you are aiming for, make sure you are prepared! 'It's better to be over prepared than under prepared!' Below are 7 quick pointers to get you thinking forwards. 

  1. Establish a routine - make exercise a habit
  2. Prevent injury through training
  3. Improve work capacity (physical fitness conditioning)
  4. Improve 'core strength'
  5. Develop balanced muscular strength, speed, endurance and power
  6. Develop sport specific speed, strength and power
  7. Maximize potential

Please feel free to email TLA and let us know what your plans are for the upcoming season as we would love to hear about your goals, challenges, programs and upcoming events no matter how small or big they maybe! 

School Run Fitness offer

Live tracking of the Yukon Arctic Ultra

Many of you that regularly train with TLA Fitness will know that Tom is currently racing a pretty tough race up the river Yukon. 

Click here to follow TLA up the Yukon - LIVE TRACKING

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