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Terms and Conditions

Recurring payments, Direct Debits & Membership

TLA Fitness will waive the joining fee if you sign up to TLA Fitness by Direct Debit within 48 hours of your FREE! introductory bootcamp class. TLA Fitness will also offer you a FREE ‘Get Fit Kit’ upon joining the studio membership.

TLA’s Membership Terms

1. The minimum membership term is three full calendar months. Members joining partway through a month are not able to cancel until the end of the calendar month, following the standard 3month anniversary with us.

2. Members wishing to cancel their membership prior to the standard 3month membership term will be subject to an early cancellation fee.

3. In case of injury early cancellation or suspension of your TLA Fitness membership will be permitted on production of a suitable medical certificate.

4. Under the Direct Debit Guarantee Scheme Members are entitled to cancel a Direct Debit at any time by contacting your bank. If you cancel your direct debit in this manner within your minimum membership period, without making alternative arrangements for payment, your details may be passed to a credit collection agency, which will pursue you for payment of the remaining minimum fees. This may result in your credit rating being affected.

TLA’s Cancellation and suspension

5. Once the minimum membership period is up you may cancel your membership at any time by giving notice at least five working days before the end of the calendar month. Notice may only be given by letter or email, verbal notice will not be accepted. A confirmation of your cancellation will be emailed to you; if you do not receive this within 48 hours of cancellation please call us.

6. On completion of the standard minimum 3 months membership period you may suspend your membership for periods of a month or more (for a maximum of 3 months) without penalty by notifying us at least five working days before the start of the first month affected.

TLA’s Payment terms and Cancellations pre June 2014

7. Membership payments are collected by direct debit on the first working day of each month.

8. Payments that are refused by the bank on the grounds of insufficient funds will be represented within seven days unless payment is made by an alternative method.

9. Post June 2014 memberships, when signing onto a TLA membership option, your reoccurring payments will be taken on that date each month.

10. Memberships post June 2014, you are personally responsible for cancelling your Paypal reoccurring payments. TLA Fitness cannot process any refunds on over payments.

TLA’s Refund policy

11. Membership refunds are Non Returnable other than in case of an error on TLA’s behalf.

12. On representation of a medical certificate, if you are injured and unable to train please contact us immediately and we will be able to put your membership on hold until you are fit to train again.

TLA’s Training conditions

13. You may train at any TLA class in Oxford so long as your membership is paid up to date.

14. Members on one class per week memberships may make up missed classes within that calendar month, provided memberships are paid to date.

15. Members must be 16 years or over

16. You may attend any TLA Fitness class within the membership provided you have completed the TLA Health Questionnaire

17. TLA Fitness does not operate any classes on Bank Holidays.

18. We reserve the right to alter and update this document to reflect current conditions and legislation. This will be available on our website.

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